Another revolution around the sun? Done!

Disclaimer: This post has no value for you if you don’t consider me your friend. So, yeah. :)

November 2, 2014 and I just completed 23rd revolution around the sun. Like every birthday, it was legen-(wait for it)-dary, but unlike every year, “This was THE BEST birthday.”

This was THE BEST birthday.


There were a few things that made the birthday special and are worth mentioning.

Blog Post Title

The title of this blog post is not my own creation. I got if from a very special friend of mine - Aadhirai. She wrote this phrase in one of her emails to me and I decided to use it in this blog post. (I hope she doesn't mind me doing it.)

Thank you Aadhi!

Buzzin’ Phone

My phone has never buzzed before like it did at midnight of my birthday. I received messages and wishes from the people I didn’t expect to wish me at midnight. I didn’t know I have friends who would stay awake to buzz me at that hour.

It brought a trademark grin on my face that stretch from left ear to the right one.

I made it a point that I do not reply to their wishes by a monotonous “Thank You”. Instead, I caught up with them and had a little chat. Feels great!

It felt awesome to get wishes from so many people at midnight. It felt even more awesome because it happened for the first time. That butterfly-in-tummy kind of feeling!

Social Media Wishes

About 70 of my 832 friends on Facebook wrote on my timeline to wish me birthday. I loved all of them (and replied to each of them personally), but a couple of them stood out. Also, I received some on Twitter. Here are the ones that made the day more special.

Sahil Sarpal

Thank you buddy!


I am flattered, buddy! Thank you.

Will Lucas

You, sir, just caught my correct age!

Harry Potter

Now, this is something that just blew my mind away. On August 01, 2014, I tweeted this:

And yesterday, on November 02, 2014, my younger brother gave me this:


And in return, he received these:


I so much wanted all the Harry Potter books with the new covers, and I got them all. I couldn’t be happier!

This was the best birthday ever! From 7am to 11pm, the day just had one thing to offer - FUN! Of course, a lot of things has changed between previous birthday and this one, but everything has happened for the better. Happy to have such good family and friends!

Apologies: I am happy that you all remembered my birthday, but I am really sorry that I don’t remember yours. I have a really poor memory! So, apologies in advance, if I disappoint someone. I really love you though!

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