How do I get out of my bed in winter mornings?

Here's the scene. Chilly winters - 8 degree celsius - you wake up curled in your quilt, you open your eyes and see the clock - »

Another revolution around the sun? Done!

Disclaimer: This post has no value for you if you don’t consider me your friend. So, yeah. :) November 2, 2014 and I just completed 23rd »

How to get things done? Slap a deadline to it.

A blank canvas. I adore a blank canvas. Anything can be crafted out of it. When I sit down to write something, for the few moments »

Want weekends off? Work your ass off, first!

Let’s play a game. Call 3 of your best friends and ask them, “Hey buddy, where do you see yourself in next 5 years?” They »