First Clue

Like every child, I am grateful to my parents and grandparents for the way they have brought me up. But there’s one thing that I am specially thankful to them. I have now realised the beauty of the times when I asked them something and in return I got to listen, “Try doing it yourself, first.”

Now, I understand how good it is to have a curious mind. Before going to someone and asking for help, I try myself and often I find that I don’t need as much help I thought I would need. A little help is actually required which no one says no to. Instead of asking for 100% thing, I do 95% of thing and then ask for 5%. And you’d also agree with me that getting a ‘yes’ for 5% thing is lot easier than for 100% thing.

And thus, with consistent Yeses, I got almost all the things done and now, I don’t have excuses like “I didn’t get help, hence couldn’t do.” Trust me, you don’t really need as much help as you think you need.

And in this process, I now realise that I have developed a curious mind - a mind that doesn’t settle down without finding answers. You might find me stupid if I go on to tell the extents I have gone to try out things as a kid. Okay, some instances to give you a quick laugh.

Like most of the kids, I too watched cartoons but then I did something stupid.

Something stupid like trying to create Powerpuff Girls. I tried mixing sugar, spices, everything nice and the black ink (because I didn’t know what Chemical X was). Trust me, I had gone to the chemical shops to get that chemical but no one had (now I know, why no one had that chemical) :p.

Something stupid like trying to make rings as those in Captain Planet. I wanted to make 5 rings, one for each of the elements - Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Heart. When I went to any fair, I bought 4-5 cheap rings that had green shining top (that resembled those rings), and then I put one in fire, one in water, one under soil (Earth), one on terrace(Wind) and one in my pocket(Heart). I was most confident about the fire ring but as you might have guessed, nothing happened.

Something stupid like trying to make a small machine that can be strapped around wrist and can spin webs like Spiderman. I couldn’t dare to get a spider bite me. Along with my cousin, we even got a small prototype working (might write about that thing sometime too). It worked exactly as wanted but it couldn’t spin webs that could bear our weights. You think, I didn’t try to make a stronger web? Bazinga! You’re wrong. In pursuit of stronger web, I got a small lab set up in my room where I tried to make a stronger web using things like lime water, borax, vinegar, baking soda, etc. I did get a stronger web (but still not strong enough to hold me), and next task was to make it stick with wall within a second. And like this, I learned about catalysts (used to speed up or down reactions) before everyone of my age would.

Something stupid like praying to God to make me Superman. I sat for tapasya and chanted a mantra in my heart for quite some time (until someone noticed me doing that). I had no reason to not believe that that would not work. After all, every one in Ramayana and Mahabharta was doing the same to gain powers and I too wanted to be a superhero. I got nothing through that tapasya, I thought then. But now I realise that I got a reason to believe that such things do not work.


There are countless such incidents that prove that I am stupid. But just because I was stupid then, I am wiser now. And through my own experiences.

I was stupid, made mistakes and hence got wiser.

I am thankful that I was told to try things out. I am thankful that I was told to find out answers if I had questions occupying my mind. I am thankful that people nurturing me didn’t get pissed off when I asked the same question many times.

If you have had any questions making you wonder, go out and find answers. Even if the final answers would not satisfy you, the journey in finding those answers will be very rewarding. There’s no reason to not try. Don’t let those questions keep your mind occupied. And now you even have Google. At least try asking it. It is like a game where you have to get the treasure following the clues. Google will give your first clue. :)

And hence the title of this article: First clue.

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