How do I get out of my bed in winter mornings?

Here's the scene. Chilly winters - 8 degree celsius - you wake up curled in your quilt, you open your eyes and see the clock - it’s 7am already - time to wake up. You sigh and decide to close your eyes for 2 more minutes. Your alarm go off.

“Ugh!” you say.

You turn off the alarm and still curled up in your warm quilt, you check your email, Twitter and Hacker News. But now the time has arrived - to get out of the bed and start your day. But you don’t want to get out of this warmth. But you have to - there’s no choice. You lay straight on your back looking at the ceiling and wondering, “Do I really need to get out in this cold weather? Why? What would happen if I don’t get out? Or if sleep for some more time?”

Following the trail of questions, you stumble upon a wonderful one - “What is the one thing I want to do in life?”

You find that the question, on a scale of 0 to "pizza", can be marked as "cheese-burst pizza", and decide to answer it.

“Build a huge organisation, by 2030, that will be a home to every stray animal and bird. To have everything - hospitals, playground, people - to take care of them.”

Interesting. This was the first time you’ve spoken up your life’s ambition so clearly. Another question pops up in your mind.

“What is the one thing I need to do to build that organisation?”

“I will need a lot of money and people to support the cause,” you reply yourself.

And then comes another cheese-burst pizza level question.

“What is the one thing I need to do to get a lot of people and money?”

“I will need to build a company and make it exit through an IPO by 2020.”

Now, this is turning into a very interesting game. You no longer feel the chilly weather outside. The warmth of quilt is embracing you from neck to toe and all you could think of is the next question.

“What is the one thing I need to do to build a company and take it to exit?”

“Execute the plan. Work on it. Every single day.”

“What is the one thing I need to do to execute the plan?”

“I will need to meet the people I had promised to meet, write the software I had planned to write, call the investors I had scheduled a call with.”

“What is the one thing I need to do to finish my today’s tasks?”

“Get out of the bed. In the chilly winters. Work. Hustle. Grind. Every fucking minute till 2020.”

And then suddenly you come to senses, no longer feeling the cold. You no longer pay heed to the mist outside your window. You have got the warmth within yourself that can keep you going the whole day.

You summarise down the whole thing into one sentence - “If I get out of my bed everyday and hustle, I can bring smiles on thousands of stray animals.”


You imagine yourself standing in a wide green pasture. Towers, barns, hospitals, scattered all around the pasture. You see yourself surrounded by smiling cats, joyful dogs, chirping birds, quacking ducks, croaking toads and squealing pigs. All you can think of still is this - “If I get out of my bed everyday and hustle, I can bring smiles on thousands of stray animals.”

You step out of your bed, not feeling the cold anymore, and begin your day with the bigger purpose in your heart.

Everyday, as soon as you wake up, you just think how stepping out of the bed will end up giving a happy life to thousands of strays. And this thought makes you jump out of the bed - even in the winter mornings.

You do it every single day because you know:

Motivation can only get you started, what will keep you going is a habit.

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