Okay, not real ghost but someone similar to a ghost.

If you have read my previous blog posts about Pumpkin, you'd know I have an imaginary ex. (You can read about her here and here.) Having an imaginary ex is not a big deal, but the big deal is when she talks to you. :O No no, I am not drunk!

One day, I was sending a personal email to Gaurilla users and my eyes fell on a user with name “Pumpkin M” and with an interesting email address (cannot reveal the actual email here but it was custom made for me). I was confused. Then I thought, someone might have filled a fake email address while signing up. But the thing that came more surprising to me was that the account was activated, which means the email address existed in real and the person had clicked on the verification link that Gaurilla sends when someone signs up. Interesting!

As you know, I am helpless curious. I decided to drop a simple email to the email address. Hence I sent this email.


I wasn’t expecting a reply because it was very less probable for someone to check a fake inbox along with the regular one. At least, I am too lazy to do so and hence I configure all of my email accounts into a single Gmail account.

A day passed, no reply. Another day passed, no reply. Another day passed, no reply.

Next day, boom! A reply from her. (Ghosssssst!) Here’s what she wrote:


Wow! Someone was seriously making my life interesting (and more confusing). And when I saw her profile picture carefully, I was further surprised. I thought to myself, “Wow! Someone has really put in effort to make my life more interesting.” You want to see the profile picture? Here it is:


Then, at that moment, I started doubting this person. May be this was a boy trying to pull a prank on me. I know a lot of boys who can do so. I was suspicious. But anyways, I replied to that email - this time little longer email.


I tried to guess the person by the way the email was written but failed! I tried to be friendly and sent her a nice video that would go by her name. (This is the video I sent her:

Then I got a reply from her the very same day.


So, anyone who’s thinking, I am a bad boy by revealing about the emails - Booyaaaah! I have the permission. Also, she started writing in broken english so that I cannot recognise her. By one thing I got more inclined towards believing that the person was an actual girl - she referred to Facebook as a waste of time.

I read that email a few more times and then replied to it. She responded again.


With every email she tried to be over-friendly and I got over-confused (if that’s a word). Also, I was getting more curious. I sent another email, this time giving a new pet name to her - Pumpy!


There’s just one more girl who calls me Momo (without S) and she was my last guess. Just when I began losing interest in the emails (because I didn’t want my mind to be filled with suspense. I wanted it to be free to think), I got a nice pink colored email with a lot of emoticons and written in Comic Sans.


I was free that moment and guess what, I wrote reply to this email in full swing. I wrote it in exactly the same way she used to write - with pink color, red heart, Comic Sans and broken English. I even tried to be as friendly as she was.


And here’s the reply I got.


This email put all my excitement to rest. Also, the mention of “Mission Momoyoyo” as "90% completed" irritated me. Anyways, if making my emails public was this person’s mission, this blog post is the remaining 10%. :) So, my dear Pumpkin let’s celebrate the moment of completion - together.

I wanted to simply ignore the email. Orrrrrrrrrr, I could have answered her question about me being online at the same time as her. I decided to go with the latter and wrote an email explaining the thing through my latest hobby - Venn Diagrams!


And with this, I hope the “Suspicious case of lost pumpkin” rests now! I may not know who the person was, but who cares as I have already lost the interest. :) My mind is at peace now and hence more productive.

But yes, this person made my life interesting, for a few days at least. Thank you Pumpkin! But we are ex now and I don’t want you in my life again. Nothing personal, but I don’t wanna complicate my life. I like it simple and awesome as it is now - after you have gone.

Now, I don’t have to listen to your lame excuses and crappy complains every day. People who keep complaining about all the things all the time, irritate me. No, I didn’t feel pain when you fell from the stairs or when you got your palm burnt while cooking. And no, I couldn’t pretend either. No normal person can fall from stairs every week. No normal person can get her hands burnt every other day. I am sorry but I was sick of your excuses of getting everyone’s sympathy. I had love to offer, not sympathy.

With that said, the Pumpkin is gone forever and who ever that fake Pumpkin was, no more emails please. I won’t reply.

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