I am 22 now

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So, the birthday is gone and it went superb this time. May be, because I didn’t have a sucky girlfriend this year. (Yes, my Pumpkin!)

I guess, no one is really interested in knowing about every little detail about the day (no one actually reads this blog yet), but let me put them down briefly to not to forget these.


She called me to wish me happy birthday. ‘She’ is what I call half-good friend of mine. No one really calls me at midnight to wish me, so having her call at that time of the night (that too, when she is the kind of girl, who cannot give up on sleep for anything) made me feel awesome. Moreover, she ‘called’ and not just missed-called. ;) And the duration of the call was 46 minutes which included a very brief birthday wish, a few indirect insults (I loved those) and a lot of awesome randomness - just what a guy and girl can talk about at midnight (hint: database design). ;)

Following the long call, we exchanged a few texts, I did a few commits to keep my GitHub Streak (blog post about it coming soon) growing and dozed off to sleep.


I admit that my morning begun at everyone else’s lunch time and I am one lazy ass. I checked my mobile;3 missed calls - 2 from girls;didn’t call them back, 1 from boy;called him back and had a little fun conversation. (Okay, before you begin to infer conclusions, I didn’t call the girls back because when they couldn’t reach me on phone, they dropped their wishes on Facebook.)


I celebrated the day with my family. I wore the fun hat and made me look like a unicorn. See for yourself.


My younger brother gifted me what I call - a #cuge (cute + huge) gift. He presented me with 23 Dairy Milk Silk chocolates.


If I were his crush, I would have definitely said Yes if he’d have proposed me 23 chocolates (no matter if those would make my waist double of its current size).

That’s it! Now some nerdiness.



100 people wished me birthday on my Facebook Timeline.

16 wished me through Facebook messages.

8 called me on my phone to wish me.

3 texted me to wish me.

and, 1 (who is just 0.5 good friend) called me at midnight, texted me, wished me on facebook, and what-else-not!

Hatke facebook wishes

Some really nice and hatke facebook wishes (in alphabetical order of the authors) are.

Note: Some posts couldn’t be embedded due to their privacy settings. So, they are copy-pasted.

Divya Sangwan

“You are awesome!”

Psst.. I promoted this post unfairly inspite of author’s name starting with D because I could. ;)

Barkha Mehta

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Mohit and Happy Deepawali too:)

Mohit, from where should I start?

Still I should start, yes a very different guy, Best Colleague with whom I have ever worked.

A Cheerful and Happy personality, With Never Give up words your character inspired me Always.

Your patience and how you listen my problems, Surprised me many times with more and more curiosity!

So, just saying I am so grateful that with your guidance, I could change myself to take best decisions on my own.

Thank You So Much:)

May all your wishes and dreams come true on this special day.

With Best Wishes Barkha

Janna Bondar

Jyotsna Talwani

Rohin Kumar

How was the day?

In three words - "best birthday ever!"

Never really thought that growing old can be so much fun. Thank you, all of you. :)

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