It's okay to suck!

No, it’s not what you are thinking. Sorry to disappoint. ;) But still a good 2 minute read.

Why do we want things to be perfect in first go? We keep making I-am-not-ready-yet excuse to not do things. Let me tell you, that is just an excuse. JUST AN EXCUSE.

I have seen people waiting to be grammatically perfect before starting their blog, waiting to find their perfect love in first go due to which they are still single, waiting to get perfect skillset before applying to their dream job due to which they are still unemployed. This just doesn’t work. You won’t be perfect, ever.

We improve. Always. Don’t wait to be perfect, just start doing it. It’s okay to suck.

I remember, my first fiction story was a rip-off of Scooby Doo. I sucked at writing fictions. I wrote it around 10 years back and don’t have it now but if you’d have read it, you would have killed me with your looks. I sucked at it, totally. The blog post I wrote 2 years ago is another example of my suckiness. And I am very sure that three years from now, when I will look at this very blog post, I will find it sucky too.

Finding a-few-years-ago-yourself sucky is a sign of improvement.

There’s a saying, “If you don’t find the code you wrote six months back to be sucky, you haven’t improved.” And that’s true. The journey of perfectionism goes through a lot of suckiness. Give yourself permission to suck.

Do you leave home when all the traffic lights are green? No. Then why do you wait for the universe to come in some sort of sync with perfectionism to do something. Just start doing it. Suck at it. Improve. Suck more at it. And improve more.

Sucking is not bad. It’s okay to suck. Bad is waiting for the time when you wouldn’t suck, which, ironically won’t come ever. For whatever you are waiting for, don’t wait more. Take the plunge and give it a try. My advice to you would be to always be a ‘beginner’. As a beginner, we are open, eager and always improving.

It’s not only okay to suck. It’s necessary to suck. If you aren’t sucking, you aren’t trying anything new.


If you have ever sucked at something and want to share, tell me in the comments. I am excited to know what you sucked at.

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