When is the best time to do something? Now.

I always gave “Now” as the answer to people when they have asked me when should they start doing something new. To everyone, whether they wanted to do a startup or get a new haircut, every time my answer was same - now!

Recently, I was conversing to one guy over email and he responded to my “Now” saying, “But I don’t have time now?” To which I said, “No time is not an excuse. If you really want to do it, you’ll find out time, no matter what. No one is busy, it is all about priorities.”

No one is busy, it is all about priorities.

I was successful in convincing him to find time, learn to play guitar and propose the girl he secretly loved for last two years. Now, he will skipping his evening TV time to learn play a song on guitar for her.

Long story short, his question left me wondering, “Even I give excuses of not having time when it comes to start blogging.” I always wanted to blog but kept this task very low on the priority list. Unknowingly, I was waiting for the “perfect time” to start blogging.

Holy crap! There’s no perfect time. Whatever it is, it is now.

So, here it is. My blog. Very minimal (just like I want things to be) and just perfect to get my thoughts out.

For nerdies, the blog is powered by Ghost and running completely on Javascript. (Yes, I ditched wordpress!) I am in love with this platform for publishing and blogging. If you are like me, who “just wants to write”, try Ghost. You’ll love it.

However, setting up a Ghost blog is not very straight forward. I think, I will write about getting running sometime soon. Keep checking back.

If you’d like to stay updated on what I am upto, you can follow me on Twitter (@mohitmamoria). I tweet regularly about random tid-bits (mostly about business and startups). Or if you prefer email, shoot one at mohit[at]mamoria[dot]com.

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