Secret to failure

“I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” - Bill Cosby

Tell me a guy who was hated by ZERO people. No one. Heroes are hated. Leaders are hated. Revolutionaries are hated as well. If they had gone to please everyone then they couldn’t accomplish what they had to. Pleasing everyone is the ultimate secret of failure.

You have a goal, and no goal has an easy way to it. (Why would it be called a ‘goal’ then?!). In the bumpy course to the goal, you have to piss off some people, throw some people out of the way, get accompanied by newer ones and of course, stay focussed on the goal.

It is very likely that in a tough pursuit, often goal shifts from the actual goal to ‘keeping everyone along’. That is a mistake - a fatal one. It is very unlikely that everyone around you will have the exact same vision and mission as yourself. And it is unlikely too to have the goal have same impact on everybody’s life.


The pursuit has a special meaning for you. It affects your life in a way that it does to no one else and only you can understand it. And the worst mistake to make is to make everyone understand how much it matters to you. No matter how much you may try to keep people together, they won’t stay.

They have their own priorities and just like you won’t let anyone else’s priorities interfere in your pursuit, why would they?

With that being said, I want to mention that you won’t go lonely in your goal (you may, but it is very improbable unless you are a mad scientist). You will meet new people on your way, who would understand your vision and will extend their hands. You've got to extend your hands forward too and keep close with them.

You will actually be surprised to find out how many people will turn away their faces in your journey and how many new and unknown people will turn up to help you reach your goal. It is just fascinating!

If you try to keep pleasing everyone, you will end up with some pissed off people around you spreading negativity in your mind and hence leading you to failure. Stay awesome and kick them out! You’ve got your own priorities and purpose. Cherish them.

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