That's why I want to be a teacher

I was in a college with two of my friends to participate in some events in the fest that was going in the college. We saw a lady telling people about their lives through their handwriting. We got a little curious if she really tells truth or tell random things which can be true for any random person on any given random day.

We went to her and first my friend wrote a sentence on a paper. She told a few things about my friend and we were pretty satisfied with the answers. Then I wanted to test her out and planned to ask weird questions.

I wrote a sentence and then she started telling me about me. She told me almost the same things which she told to my friend 5 minutes back. She offered me a chance to ask any question. I asked, “I want to become a teacher but my parents want me to be an engineer and get a good job. What do I do?” It was a half lie and half truth. I wanted to become a teacher but my parents never stopped me from being one. In fact, being teacher is on my list. But that’s a different story. What was really interesting was her response to my question.

This was her response:

“You’re lying. No one likes to become a teacher.”

This was not the first time I was listening to this thing. I have heard such things from my teachers themselves. I have heard things ranging from “... then I got married and started teaching” to “... and because I couldn’t find a good job, I started teaching for the time being” to “... and because I do not want to spend time at home washing clothes, I am a teacher.”

Hearing such things from teachers themselves was a heart-break. These are the people to whom parents send their little kids so that they can be educated. And no, I don’t believe that education just means to make students learn the books - that’s not education for me. For me, education means to make someone able to make decisions. And great decisions come from great experiences. And great experiences are taught by great teachers, not by people for whom teaching was the last option.

I truly believe that a teacher can make or break a nation. Teacher is the backbone of a nation. Great teachers can create great leaders, great engineers, great managers, great humans and in total, a great nation. On the other hand, people for whom teaching is just a way to feed their family spoils the whole bright future.

I have met some great teachers in my life. Some of these were teachers by profession too. I have found this one thing common in them - they will never tell you solution to the problem.

They will never tell you the solution; they will simply point you in the right direction for you to explore. With this exploration, a student not only understand what the solution is but also why it is a solution. Simply telling them the solution would make them underestimate the why part. Let them explore and understand why that particular solution works.


For this particular reason - that a teacher plays an important role in a nation - I want to be a teacher. And for the same thing, I am collecting my experiences till 40, so that I can tell them the stories, which would make them think and explore.

I don’t expect to change the nation through my stories, but I would be happy if I could make an impact on a few lives. And I hope each of these few people would make an impact on a few more lives, which in turn would make an impact on another few.

Teaching is not just telling your students how to score better but to explain them why they should learn that subject. If you are a teacher reading this thing, can you please answer this one question to yourself in silent:

Why do you teach the subject that you teach?

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