What's your story?

You have idea(s) and I can see dollars in your eyes.

But, before you go out and sell, be clear about who is your product for. Knowing your customer makes selling easier as you are clear what to pitch to your customer.

So, answer this question to yourself, “Who is your product for?” No product is for everyone - NO effing product! Facebook is not for everyone. iPhone is not for everyone. And so is your product. If you say, “everyone,” please try again.

Remember that customer is not always consumer. To understand, let me give you an analogy - “Boyfriends are customers while girlfriends are consumers (unless you are one lucky guy)”. (If you don't like jokes: "Customer buys the product, consumer uses it.")

For the products meant for businesses, the guy you are selling the product to will buy it with his boss’s money and for the products meant for consumers, the guy you are selling the product to will buy it with his OWN money. Who do you think it is easier to sell to? (Answer before proceeding ahead).

I don’t know what your answer was, but it is “same” to sell to consumer or to business. The only difference is what you are selling. To consumer, you are selling your product and to businesses you are selling a story. Yes, a story.

The guy who will buy your product with his boss’s money will have to make sure that he could please his boss. If you tell him the story, listening to which, he feels that pleasing the boss is easy, you are sold. :) So, don’t just tell what your product does but tell him the story about how your product will solve the problem they are facing.

Not just the businesses, Apple tells story how iPhone can make your life easier.

Repeated advice but very powerful if used properly.

To be a seller, be a story teller.

You might have a mind-blowing product but the real question is:


This is just what I believe (you don't necessarily have to agree with it). If you have anything better, let’s discuss it in the comments below. :)

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