Who isn't showing off?

Okay, by the show of hands, “Who isn’t showing off?”

Everyone is. The boy putting up his photo with his girlfriend, the girl clicking herself in mirror with an iPhone, the fresher who just updated his status to “Got selected in the interview”, the drummer whose band got invitation to perform at Hotel Taj for President of India - everyone is showing off.

And that’s the only way we could know what they were upto. Is there any other way? Can you tell me what the guy, three streets away living in that cream-colored home, is doing? No, because he didn’t showed off himself to you.

So, here’s a little tip: Show off!

Yes, whatever you are up to, show it off - because you can. No one will be able to find you if you will keep hiding in your shell. The people whom you want to meet so that you can take the next big step in your life are on the lookout for people like you, but if you aren’t telling them that you exist, they won’t be able to find you, no matter how good you are.

You just started a startup and looking for funding? You need to tell to the world that you are up to something and need money to take the next step. Trust me, there are VCs out there whose only work is to find entrepreneurs like you and invest huge money. But everything you do is staying in your bedroom and coding the next big thing, you won’t be visible to those people. And in a few months time, some other guy will come out with the exact same product as yours and news of him getting funded will break. All you will be left with will be a great product that only you use!

He became visible because he showed off what he was doing while you hid in your bedroom.

“Showing off is the mantra.”

Take your favorite actress. Her tweet, “Going bald for my next movie,” is a show-off but that’s the way to be visible and stay in headlines.

There are three stages to the people's reaction to the show-off:

1. Feeling Happy for You

At this stage, they will feel happy for you and will say it on your face.

2. Feeling Jealous of You

At this stage, a handful of people start to feel jealous about you.

3. Appreciate You

At last, you will end up with a true ‘audience’, who look forward to your next update. People who wait eagerly for you to show off.

If you are hidden, no matter how good you are, you can’t build an audience for yourself. And other people, may be not as good as you, will take the limelight just because they showed off.

Do you appreciate the caterpillar in the cocoon? No. You only appreciate when it comes out of the cocoon turned into a butterfly, spread its rainbow wings and fly away swiftly.

You appreciate the butterfly when it shows off its beautiful wings, not when it is a caterpillar in cocoon. Be a butterfly and show off!


Invisibility is far worse than failure.

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